there are rewards just beneath the surface…

…you just need the vision to see them

Churchgate property developers in the South East.

Churchgate is a leading developer of high quality, stylish homes in the South East. With a passion for property and a commitment to excellence, Churchgate has the vision to see opportunity where others can't.

We combine outstanding design with meticulous planning and a hands-on approach to deliver an exceptional end result on every single project. Each home is unique, but all epitomise quality, functionality and style – the signature of a Churchgate development.

A passion for property

A unique combination of outstanding design and exceptional craftsmanship, a Churchgate development is more than just a house.

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We're looking for opportunities

We're interested in speaking to anyone with a development opportunity. Whether it's land for sale or a construction project, we can provide our expertise at every stage of the process.

  • We Buy Land

    We're actively seeking land buying opportunities regardless of the size or location.

  • We Finance Projects

    If your development needs financial support, Churchgate can provide significant investment.

  • We Manage Projects

    Under Churchgate management, you can be sure of your project being completed on time and within budget.

  • We Construct + Build

    We're a quality construction company that develop homes which generate significant profit.

  • New Home Sales

    We can help you complete sales, squeezing every last bit of revenue from your project.

  • We Plan Projects

    We can help you gain planning permission for any development and from any local council.

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We're Experts in regeneration projects

We're committed to redeveloping unused or underdeveloped areas for the benefit of both the community and the environment.

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